Saturday, October 10, 2015

Welcome to my Queendom!

Earlier this week, we learned about the French and Indian war. Students learned that while the British "won",  the ever-changing map of the times keeps on changing! We also concluded that things were getting quite tense around the colonies in 1763.

Meet my King! King George III (photo courtesy of

Students "drew" a card to discover if they were a 

Colonist, Tax Collector, or a Parliament member.

Students were provided with 30 "coins" 
for the day. Here is the "tax structure" for Day 1.

Within 30 minutes of the simulation, students were ready to revolt!  See how wonderful it is to be the Queen?!

          Day two's "tax structure" was even more
costly. Students definitely felt frustrated while
being reminded that someone has to help England 
build up their reserves. Students concluded that there are two sides to every story. We also realized that someone's else's solution can become someone else's problem!