Friday, December 4, 2015

Gallery Walk on the California Gold Rush

Students "notice" and "note" what they see on images 
from a certain time period in history. What clues can you read to 
infer the event in history? The gallery walk continues...

Following the Gallery Walk, students jot down on a 
"See, Think, Wonder" organizer. This allows us to name what we see, 
share what we think based on what we know, and question further to develop the idea with greater depth.

Yes! The Gold Rush! It does not look as glorious as one might think!

Using the strategy: pairing a gallery walk with a "see, think, wonder" is one of many great 
ideas from the book Upstanders by Harvey "Smokey" Daniels and Sara Ahmed.  It opens the topic, creates a window into understanding of what students know to inform instruction and generates questions for further investigations. Discussions include compare and contrast and busting myths of what we believe to be true about the California Gold Rush! It creates seeds for informational writing that can lead to growing further ideas!

Interested in more great ways to build inquiry and investigation into your curriculum? This text is a great resource to pair with Social Studies and inquiry.