Friday, March 11, 2016

Division of fractions

 What do you know about dividing fractions?

A student says "wait this looks like multiplication"...

"Now we think division is flip-flopping.

I'm switching the numbers around because we think it matters!
I think the smaller number needs to go first..."

Second student says in a different group..."this seems like multiplication?"

"Wouldn't this need to be the opposite of multiplication?
I'm wondering if this should be doing the opposite of multiplication?" 

"When we multiply the number in fractions the numbers get smaller. So I'm wondering if our numbers need to get larger with division?"

"We are using an array model and we think the areas not shaded in are the answers."

"I thought we could put it in decimal form and that didn't seem to work...we got like 0.66?"
Now I am thinking it is 10....

Another student talks through what she knows about the relationship between multiplication and division. She is making sense of this relationship with fractions.