Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Learning about America's Regions

Students are working on the following objectives for social studies and science.

  • The student will use geographic research to gather and process information to interpret, solve problems, and construct maps.
  • The student will name and locate specific regions, states, capitals, river systems and mountain ranges in the US based on historical and current topics.
  • Describe and analyze the physical and human characteristics of the region.

Students reviewed latitude and longitude before starting the research!

Students will be constructing a map including the following:

On the USA map independently complete the following in pencil first.


Outline the states in your region.

Label the state names in your region.

Label the city names in your region and identify with a STAR.

Include the most important river system in your region. (Consult a map or atlas) Draw it in the region and label it.

Include any mountain ranges, using the appropriate symbol and label. 

Create a key to the map in the lower corner and be sure to consult a map or atlas to represent it correctly.

Identify and label the following on your map after you consult a map or atlas:
  • Great Lakes
  • Mississippi River
  • Missouri River
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Appalachian Mountains
  • Great Plains
  • Mojave Desert
  • Grand Canyon
  • Glaciers in the United States

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Civil War Food Tasting

Thank you to our trusty volunteer, Mrs. F, the class got to taste hardtack and President Lincoln's favorite cookie recipe. Students actually did not mind the hardtack as much as one might think! They were encouraged to use their back teeth!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Beach Simulation

Exploring with Programming in the Library!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Civil War Centers 2020

Each year, students learn about life during the Civil War in Social Studies and we read many books that connect to this time in history. Students enjoy the "rotation" of centers where they get the opportunity to learn more about this time in history.

Cooking during Civil War

Partner Work with Reading Nonfiction

 Map Center Learning how the Geography 
changes from 1858-present.

Students learn about the role of Photography 
as it is introduced at this time in history.

Students are listening to a podcast that has transcribed 

Using artifacts and replicates of historical items, students get 
to explore a Civil War trunk provided by the Missouri

Earth's Systems

Earth's systems interact! Starting our first science unit of 2020 with knowing the names and definitions of the earth's systems!