Friday, March 18, 2016

World War II presentation

Learning about WWII from Mr. Lambert.

We learned what D day was and who were the Allied Forces.

We saw pictures from the cemetery off of Omaha beach that is in France. Did you know that the cemetery where American soldiers are buried is American soil?

There were a few ways that soldiers landed on the beach:
1. Landing craft boats that were propelled from the bigger boats.
2. Paratroopers were dropped from aircraft.
3. Gliders were also released from an airplane tow line. This was tricky because they didn't have any engines that could direct where they would land. But without an engine they were extremely discreet as they didn't make any noise.

We learned that large innertubes took tanks from the ships to the beaches.
Many soldiers drowned just going from the landing craft to the beach because they weighed so much from their supplies and from being soaked.

We learned so much from this visit and will continue the conversation in the weeks ahead!