Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day Showcase

Students were charged with writing a persuasive essay while keeping a science outcome in mind.
Students began to collect information on a variety of conservation topics. Here is an example of the oil spill group....these are my teacher notes taken during our writing conference as we share information that we have found.

Now... Time to work! Time to research and develop our presentation!

Students are to create an engaging, interactive  presentation that is appropriate for students grade K-5!

Building a board game.
Interactive chart!

Thinking about the iMovie presentation.

Here is two examples of bookmarks that one group made.

Developing an interactive Scavenger Hunt mural!

Using the Ozobots and integrating it into the student's presentation!

Now to share the information! We have 12 classes planned to visit!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Step Right, Up!

Finding points of ordered pairs on a coordinate plane

Students are extending their graphing from a coordinate grid to a coordinate plane.

It is hard to see in the photograph, but students had to name the ordered pairs for each point on the coordinate plane.

Then, students had a turn to locate the point after being provided with the ordered pair. This was the a little more of a challenge as students were working with negative numbers as well. 

We will continue to provide experiences to practice this skill!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Civil Rights picture book study

Using these picture books, students identified how the three texts are connected and what they learned.  Students used a "buddy reading" structure while reading out loud. This allows me to hear alot of students read in a short time period. 

Student small groups met to share ideas, discuss how this time in history is similar to other times in history.

Friday, April 8, 2016

World War II Picture Book Club Study

Using the following books, students "multiple accounts of the same event" while comparing and contrasting the points of view.   This was a compliment to our work in Social Studies. We had a guest speaker, video clips, picture books and many conversations about this time period in US history.

Students read the book and identified important details, what they learned and what further questions they had.  Students collected thoughts on a google slides template.  Here is an example of what a slide looked like:

Some student examples:

On Friday, I read aloud this book, The Whispering Town. It is a perfect compliment for students to connect what they have read from the week, and from our work with the Underground Railroad and the book Sophia's War by Avi. Students connected events from the American Revolutionary War, the Civil War era, and World War II.  

Students summarized big ideas that we had learned and explored over the past two weeks by contributing a Hashtag.  The idea was to keep the language short but would be informative to the time period.

Be sure to ask your student what resonated with them. What did they learn? What is going on in today's world that reminds you of this time period?