Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11 Literature allows us to have conversations and think on a momentous day

      Talking about difficult events in history is not ever easy. It seems easy to talk about the Revolutionary War or the Civil War-- that happened so long ago it seems like something that happened to "them". Talking about recent historical events like 9/11 feels like we are talking about "us".  We want to be sensitive to the images and ideas that we share with young children, however, this is an event that is still playing out today. 
    Children's literature has always opened the door to others lives. We can peek through the window and observe from afar. We can think for the moment how someone else feels or lived through a difficult time. Books allow us to initiate a conversation within a context and begin a conversation about difficult subject matter.  
     We will be reading some picture books on 9/11 to discuss its historical implications.  The following books will be used in class:

This summer, I read the book Towers Falling. It is an excellent middle-grade book that is appropriate for fifth-grade. It was released this summer and it is available at the public library.