Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Class Read Aloud

        We are currently reading aloud the first, new book by Abby Cooper.  The book, Sticks and Stones, is a perfect book for the beginning of the school year!  It is about sixth-grader, Elyse, who has a rare disease called CAV. Whenever someone calls her a negative name, the word mysteriously appears on her body like a tattoo. Positive words can appear too!  We follow Elyse, and the Loud Crowd, as they journey to become the year's next Explorer Leader.  Students are cheering for Elyse all the way! 

The author, Abby Cooper, noticed a tweet that I had sent stating that we were reading her book out loud. She was so excited and declared that we were the first class to read her book out loud (that she knew of).

We were so excited to hear from her!  She went further sending us these awesome bookmarks and a signed bookplate for my copy of the book.
She also invited us to Skype with her when we were done with the book! Oh my, such a generous, exciting treat for us! We will be sure to post later after our Skype!