Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Picture book project

Students began our picture book project that will focus on a service project for our school while practicing fluency, reading with accuracy and expression.  

Students had to review three different picture books and choose a text that was a "just right" fit.  We are going to make a playlist of "holiday books", "bedtime books", and "old favorites" to share with our K-2 students at Paxton Keeley. 

Students had to practice reading the book silently to self and then out loud to self.

Students then have to read the text to two other students.  They are expected to use the right pacing and practice "reading like a teacher" with expression.

Students will import the images of the book into iMovie and record their voice over the text to create an "audiobook" with images.
Students will be read their selection to me before it goes public.

When we are finished, they will be uploaded and QR codes will be created for each playlist. Then, the codes will be copied to a "bookmark" that will be distributed to our K-2 students in the Friday Folders.

At the end of our project, students uploaded their projects into Google Drive. A QR code was made for the books and we distributed the codes to our students and teachers in grades K-2.