Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What is matter?

Students have started exploring "What is matter?" They started the investigation by thinking about the different ways that we define matter.

Then, they sorted picture cards into categories of Matter/Not Matter. Some pictures that students were unsure of were: sound, heat, light and air.

Next, students will use a variety of materials to test a question that will help them determine some of the properties of matter.

In each "tub" they are testing light, air, sand, stones, and water.

Each tub has a different question, such as, "Can you pour it?" or "Does it have mass?"

It has been amazing to see students refine their thinking after only three days of this first learning cycle.

Thank you to Dr. Debi Hanuscin and the MU QuEST program that helped provide training, materials, and lessons to develop this unit on matter!

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