Monday, May 22, 2017

The 2017 group!

L is for Let's Play Games

We are approaching the end of our countdown to middle school. Last week, students had a block of time to play good ole fashioned board games. Here are some shots!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Discerning fake news from real news

Students brainstormed what are the things that we look for when looking at digital content to decide if it is a credible article. Students
listed many things such as: reliable source, real author, watch for lots of capitals or punctuation, check the date, see whose perspective the story is told from, and is this in line with other sources that we have researched.

Students also used this recording sheet from Scholastic News to help them with guiding questions as they reviewed articles.

I will admit, I had a hard time not laughing when they were saying things like, "Come on, this is ridiculous!" or "This is not news". I said, "We see lots of things on tv news programs that are not news but rather are feel good stories and human interest stories".  

We had just read about Malcolm X; love that students remembered his real name-- Malcolm Little.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Student Artwork Displayed at Poppy Downtown!

Check out these darling creations displayed at Poppy downtown! Thank you, Mrs. Stoddart for all you do for our students!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Playing Battleship and practicing Ordered Pairs!

Students played a game of Battleship against me. Using a coordinate plane, I highlighted four ships. One in each quadrant. Then, students had to guess an ordered pair. If it was a miss they plotted a black dot. If it was a hit they plotted a red dot.  I told them that the "ships" would be a minimum of three and the maximum of six.

Then, students got a copy of their own coordinate plane and plotted four ships. One in each quadrant. Working with a partner, they tried to play their own game!

Eat or Be Eaten

Students are playing a game from the resource where students are trying to create the longest energy transfer chain between plants and animals. 

We have been talking about how the arrows should be showing how the cricket provides energy for the pigeon rather than focusing on the "food chain".

In any case, students had fun playing and they were able to reference details from the cards when progressing further in the unit with decomposers.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Picture book challenge

Students spent time during counselor with three different picture books. All books were focused on being an Upstander instead of a bystander! Students were charged with reading their book and presenting the main ideas to the class. Some groups got very creative with their presentations!

Friday, March 24, 2017

March Madness with Inventions!

Paring writing with our social studies, students are looking at the most important inventions since the American Revolutionary war. What was the one invention that has improved our lives and would be unimaginable to live without? This was the question to start our unit on persuasive writing.

Students sifted through a variety of resources to determine what they believed to be the most important invention. After listing their top three choices, students that voted alike were put into a "research group".  We ended up with seven groups. Students worked collaboratively to research their invention.

It has been a joy watching students read information, take notes, develop a claim, and provide support for their claim to persuade others.
Students then used this information to create a one minute video. We voted on our seven videos to identify our top two groups. Morse Code and Refrigeration are going on to the top 10.  Students will then compete with other videos from the other fifth grade classes. The top ten will go to the top five and then to the winner. We are excited to get the voting under way!



What a great day today in the Paxton Keeley library! Thanks to our media specialist we got to do our first Breakout!  With a Minecraft theme kids were instantly intrigued.  Working together and working through clues, students were able to break out!

Be sure to ask your child about this fun activity!