Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Properties of Matter

Students continue to explore different properties of matter.
Last week, we explored the role of density in water. 

Students determined the mass and volume of a variety of materials.
Then, using the ratio of grams/volume (ml) students determined the density of some objects in the water.

You can see that the items "above" the point of density were all "sinkers" and the items "below" the point of density were "floaters".

 Students investigated some additional properties of matter. Here students are testing thermal conductivity.
 Students are testing reflectivity at this station.

Students are testing to see if the objects are magnetic.

 Students are thinking about what might be in the "mystery box".

Next, we are testing the role of solubility and trying to understand that even if something dissolves, the matter is still present.  Keep on finding out what matters with matter!